Problems in pjoyez's build for Ubuntu 20.04

It seems that the package of @pjoyez’s build for Ubuntu 20.04 is problematic. After installation, when I run texmacs, it complains that some file is missing (I am not the administrator of this computer and I lost the precise filename, but surely it is about guile).

I would say it’s not a problem with the build itself, but rather a broken install that is missing the guile dependency package (but normally the package manager would warn you about that when installing the texmacs deb).

Given that you cannot install packages yourself, the simplest fix is to use the AppImage


It is weird, because I told them to try to install the guile package, and they told me that it failed (it might be possible that there are conflicts of different versions of dev packages). On the other hand, upstream seems to compile guile into texmacs. What are benefits and disadvantages?