Question: How to prevent page breaking right after paragraph environment


For book style, how would I set the paragraph environment (obtained from Insert - Section - Paragraph> so that paragraph (even better all paragraph) is centered and never a widow/orphan single line at the end of page? I think I need to put somewhere.

I know only this much:
<with|par-mode|center|<paragraph|The World is Burning.>>


I have a way which I think can be improved.

First the macros which I think are ok or almost ok, the ones that make sure that there is no page break after the paragraph title.




With respect to the default macros with the same names, in paragraph-unnumbered-title and paragraph-unnumbered-title I remove the space before and after the title; then I substitute sectional-normal-bold, which contains a command to inhibit breaking, to sectional-short-bold, which does not.

I need to check again to make sure that I removed all spaces. Also inside sectional-normal-bold there is a <no-indent*> command that inhibits indenting the line following the paragraph title. I do not know whether it is better to keep or remove that.

Now the command I am unhappy with, the one for centering


I tried to move the centering environment (<with|par-mode|center ...) to inner macros (it seemed more elegant), but the title would remain left-aligned. So I wrapped it around everything.

Please let me know if these macros do what you want.