Questions about equation reference

Equation reference is quit a common operation we need to do in writing documents. With the simple \label and \reference macros I should be able to use equation reference in TeXmacs. However, my attempts to implement it never succeed and I do not know why.

Here are two examples:

  1. I use <label|dtot> and <eqref|dtot> in a document of generic style. The environment is itemize-dot wide-tabbed(1,1). InkedAnnotation%202019-10-31%20235430_LI You see that <eqref|dtot> doesn’t give right equation number. It actually shows the dot mark of the item.

  2. In the second example, eqref does generate equation numbers but numbers are wrong. The environment here is proof and the document type is article.

    The right out put should be (1),(2) and (3).

Do anybody know what’s wrong and what I should do to fix it?


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The reference system of Texmacs seem to be bugged.

The reference numbering system works best with oneline formulas and then eqnarray family and align family comes last.

I am not sure that you use Latex output or not. But the standard way to use numbering formulas is through mathtools package in Latex nowadays. The numbering system of Texmacs somehow uses a private eq-number macro and outputs itself to Latex which is terribly bad.

My approach with this kind of unpredictable behavior is to use non * -ed enviroments and do not even touch of the numbering system of Texmacs. And then output to Latex.

There are definitely things to fix over there.

:joy: I love to use TeXmacs because it’s much more convenient and user-friendly than LaTeX… I hope the system to be bugged in next version… (Any place to directly report this bug?)

What do you mean “not sure that you use Latex output or not”? I don’t remember I chose anything called “output method”. I just use the default setting.

Check the menu-> File , you will see export.