Quick way to add title, author

Let me share a piece of code to quickly add title and author info:

 (:mode in-text?)

("M E" (insert '(document
		  (doc-title "")
		  (doc-author (author-data
                               ;; Your name here
			       (author-name "Your name here")  
                             ;; Your institute here
			       (author-affiliation (document "Your institute here"))  
                             ;; your@email.here
			       (author-email "your@email.here"))))))))  

Move the cursor to the head of your article, type ME, you will be seeing the author info added automatically.

There is a make-doc-data-element function, but I do not how to use it.

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I will try it, looks nice.
You could tag it with the “User exchange” category.

That’s nice. I’m not sure having a key binding for it is appropriate. Is not used such often. I think would be better to customise the buttons in the focus bar to allow inserting this.
Also you want to check to be at the beginning of the document, otherwise it does not have much sense.

Good work.

I just use it as a hack, I do it quite often since I write papers in Texmacs and add the title info when finishing.