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During the TeXmacs promo video, at around 1:23, a reference search feature is demonstrated where after clicking a magnifying glass a list of references appears. I don’t seem to have this feature and I was wondering on how I could get it. Currently, when I type \cite, a magnifying glass does not appear.

Find attached the promo vide: A quick tour of TeXmacs - YouTube

Hello @spaceman and welcome to the forum!

TeXmacs has two methods to add a bibliography, you can load reference from an external bibtex file, or you can use an internal database. The search tool currently only works with the internal database.

To access the database, enable Tools -> Database tool, then go to Data -> Open bibliography. From there you can add your reference or import bibtex files to the internal database.


@jeroen I see, thank you for the reply. Is there a way to link to a database to a Zotero generated .bib file? So that whenever I save a new reference on Zotero, the database is then updated?

I don’t think such a synchronisation is currently implemented. It may not be so difficult to add via a Scheme script.

An easier solution is probably to use this:

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My current workflow with zotero uses their betterbibtex plugin. It can maintain an updated .bib file of a given subset of references with proper labels. It is then enough to activate the “Database tool” in “Tools” and then in “Data” do “Open bibliography” and then in “Data->Import” point to that “.bib” file to import the items. TeXmacs remembers the import so you can reimport again when the .bib file changes. Probably this can be automated but I do not feel the need.


@mgubi and @jeroen Thank you both for your replies, they both have been very helpful

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When using zotero based referencing and bibliography texmacs crashes.

1º I have installed zotero and installed zotero and better bibtext plugins
2º I have exported the bibliography to a bib file
2º I have manually downloaded zotexmacs and drop in plugins folder
3º I have copied my-init-texmacs.scm to progs folder as suggested

Then I launch both texmacs and zotero and cite from zotero through the link provided, as a result the links appear in texmacs, but when I execute insert->automatic->Bibliography I link the Bib file then texmacs crashes.

I am using last version of texmacs with windows 10

I am probably doing something wrong, any idea?



Hi @Pdiazs, that sounds like an issue separate from zotexmacs to me, as zotexmacs doesn’t alter the way TeXmacs import bibtex files. Would you mind removing the zotexmacs plugin files, restarting TeXmacs and then inserting the blibliography (Insert->Automatic->Bibliography)?


Sorry for the delay
I have solved (hopefully) the problem wit the following procedure:
1 open texmacs file
2 open zotero
3 in texmacs file insert automatic bibliography (blank)
4 in the menu opened by texmacs select the bib file to link
5 insert reference from zotero (red gnu texmacs icon)
6 update bibliography

So the problem is that bibliography has to be attached to the doc before the references are introduced from zotero.
Probably this is explained somewhere but I learnt through several attempts

Thanks a lot Jeroen
Regards and best wishes to all