References to arbitrary points in the document

Dear all,
is it possible to set a tag in an arbitrary point in a document, and then a link to that tag somewhere else, so to be able to jump from one point to another in a document?
Better yet would be a mutual reference, two points in which I can jump from one to the other and vice-versa by clicking.

Thanks for any ideas,

The first seems possible. You could consult the macros in Undocumented internal macros in TeXmacs (wiki)

In particular, the code of footnote is an example of an “arbitrary” point of reference.

Thanks to your post I got the motivation to investigate and I found out how to do it.
One has to use the hlink tag to link to a label.
More in detail the hlink has to be made of the label name preceded by a number sign (#).

I use the example of the TeXmacs help file (with a slight change). If the label is there the hlink has to be

<hlink|link text|#there>

Then clicking on the link you will go “there”.

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