Refresh links do not work automatically

I have noticed that links to external graphics created from code in other software (maxima) do not automatically refresh when the graph is modified externally as it used to happen previously. I have to manually delete the link and re-create.
I am working with the last version of texmacs under windows.

I haven’t found any previous comment on this issue, if there is please let me know



Try Tools->Update->Inclusions

Sorry not working, no update process solves the problem as far as i know

My guess is that the link actually points to a temp file and not to the actual image file.

I’ve tried this in both 1.99.12 and current git with pdf and png images on Linux. In all cases linked images are not automatically updated. Updating inclusions doesn’t have any effect.
Resizing the image does update the image contents.

You should open a bug in the tracker (on savannah).

For reference:

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This is the same, right?

Thanks, well spotted. I’ve added a comment.