Share a project from texmacs

Is there any option in Texmacs that allows me to collaborate on a project with other colleagues?
If not, how likely is it that this option will be enabled in the future?

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Welcome @Delay!

Such a tool exists, although it is still in an experimental state and undocumented. It allows you to collaborate live on a TeXmacs document.

You can enable it by clicking “Tools-> Remote Tool”. Then you should get a cloud icon on the toolbar and a “Remote” menu. There you can create an account on the public texmacs server (which seems to be down at the moment, @mgubi) . Once logged in you can create shared documents and invite collaborators.

Right now, it should be seen as alpha software, so don’t leave any critical work on there :slight_smile:

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@jeroen The server is up again. There is bug I do not understand which brings it down after a while.
@Delay there are various kind of ways to interact via the server: chat rooms, shared documents and live documents. Moreover there is a messaging server which allow you to send messages to other users. Shared documents are documents which live on the server and to which more than one user have access. live documents are shared documents which can be edited simultaneously by multiple parties. The interface is still not very intuitive and there is no documentations whatsover. We plan to improve the situation in the future, for the moment it is working but it is fully experimental. You can see here some screenshots:


I might add that you do not have to trust our server. Any TeXmacs can act as server, just start it with texmacs --server and maybe add --debug-remote --debug-io if you want to monitor the transactions.

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Do I need to create a new account or can I use the one I use in this forum?

It is a different login. You need to create an account inside TeXmacs (I’m not at the computer right now, so can’t say exactly how)

In addition to the sophisticated sharing functionality of the server there is as well integration with versioning software (I recall git and svn, I cannot check).
I tried it only once (each git and svn) and I did not succeed :wink: but I think that other forum members (e.g. @mgubi and @jeroen) can help with that. I have not been able to commit, for the records, while I have been able to see the differences between the current and a previous version of a document and to select the version I wanted for each difference (I do not recall the details).

A small feature there that I know is not working at the moment is the versioning of information placed in the “post-amble” of the document (e.g. the options associated to some tags). But I think that this is a flaw that still allows the versioning to be useful.

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@pireddag is right, I forgot to mention the versioning tool already available in TeXmacs (check the Help or “Jolly Writer”).

SVN works well, but git support is still under development. If you use git TeXmacs will recognise it and allow you to compare to older version, but to commit, add, update, etc… you have to use the command line, as these operations are not yet available from menus.

There is also a comment package which allow handling of comments. An alternative is this

which has been designed by @slowphil and available in tm-forge.

A few weeks ago I tried to share a project with a friend but we couldn’t. It would be nice if there is a manual or tutorial so that one can guide oneself. We use Windows.

For the moment, I guess that you can use git and set up a GitHub (or any server compatible with git) user to do so.