[Solved] Font/bitmaps for some operators missing

When I enter math mode (inline or displayed math), I am missing certain essential math operators like sum or int. In edit mode these operators are inserted (blindly clicking on the spot in the menue, where I assume it to be), but then the symbols do not show up. I believe that this is due to some simple mistake of mine, but I have no idea what I am doing wrong - any help, please? (I use macos 10.15.6)

OK, found the solution. Due to some other installations it appears that the font cache had been corrupted in some way (not quite clear how that happened - but it seems a known problem).
So deleting the texmacs font cache did the job!
Use your Terminal app and enter the command (after your prompt user$)
/Applications/TeXmacs.app/Contents/MacOS/TeXmacs --delete-font-cache
(or $ path/to/the/binary/TeXmacs --delete-font-cache --delete-font-cache, above is the path if you installed Texmacs in Applications).