[Solved] How to add Today outside the title?

I wonder if a macro exists to add today’s date anywhere outside the title. Sometimes I would like to add today’s date as a footnote for a regularly updated document, but I find it only possible to do it in the title for now when we use the default styles. And some beamer styles, e.g. metropolis, don’t support this function even in the title slide.

You can do it by typing out the macro:\date RET

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Thanks, it works very well.

Is there a good way to remove the \date tag and only reserve the rendered text?

Because, for \date, it is always rendering today’s value. I just want to record the rendered text and do not want it change every day.

I also asked myself that. The only way that I found is copying verbatim and pasting.


P.S. Sorry for the delay in answering.

(kbd-map ("t o d a y tab" (insert (stree->tree (strftime "%B %-d, %Y" (localtime (current-time)))))))