[Solved] Multi column problem

sorry for my english.
I can’t find solution that create two column without “twocol” mode,does any solution can create template like this?(picture related)
I have find texmacs mailing list archive, but there is no solution about this problem.

Hi @CC0_Knight and welcome to the forum.
Maybe this: after writing Title and Abstract, from the menu: Format -> Paragraph -> Number of Columns (not Document -> Paragraph -> Number of Columns).
I checked that you can insert paragraph breaks, a figure (I tried “Big Figure”) and a table (I tried “Big Table”)—I also checked that sections and the bibliography are also typeset according the two-columns layout.
When typing, you have to pay attention to remain inside the par-columns environment generated by the Format -> Paragraph -> Number of Columns menu item.
Please let me know if it helps.


very thank to you i’ve find this solution so long!