Some known problems on Windows

I think it is good to collect some known problems and bugs on different platforms. Here I’m going to report some problems that I have with TeXmacs on Windows, which, I suspect, is not very often used to work with TeXmacs. My configuration: Windows 10 Pro, TeXmacs 1.99.21

  1. First of all, it seems that external hyperlinks (using \hlink) are completely broken on Windows. When I try to open any external hyperlink (e.g., from the TeXmacs documentation) I see something like:


According to this it is possible to do it from the command line:

start “” “some://url?with=special&chars=:->”

From Qt it seems also possible:

  1. The second bug is not very important but may confuse some new Windows users. On many platforms, the symbol “&” in the menu bar has a special meaning:

It seems that this special meaning is not taken into account when this symbol appears in TeXmacs menus:

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I confirm. It is possible that this happens starting from a very recent TeXmacs release, because I do not recall it in previous versions. Can you submit this in the Savannah bug tracker at ? Or if you prefer I can do that, please let me know.

Same for “&” bug, which I have the impression it has been introduced in one of the last releases as well (here I am less confident).

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I submitted these two bugs:

Is everything OK with my submissions? I never did it before :slight_smile:

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It might be sufficient. If JvdH needs more information or would like to have it in the bug tracker itseld, he will ask.

OK, thanks for your help!