Std-error, Typesetting failure, resetting to empty document

I imported a .tex file (with \include of different chapters) in Texmacs and everything looks fine.

After a Save as in .tm format, I’ve got this error every time I want to open the .tm file version:

$ texmacs 
TeXmacs] With linked TrueType support
TeXmacs] failed-error, Number of pages: 0
Throwing unexpected situation
Error message:
  unexpected situation

System information:
  TeXmacs version  : 1.99.19
  Built by         : abuild
  Building date    : Fri Mar  5 15:46:59 UTC 2021
  Operating system : linux-gnu
  Vendor           : pc
  Processor        : @CONFIG_HOST_CPU@
  Crash date       : lun. 26 avril 2021 16:27:41 CEST

Editor status:
  Root path          : [ 1 ]
  Current path       : [ 1, 1 ]
  Shifted path       : [ 1, 1 ]
  Physical selection : [] -- []

Backtrace of C++ stack:
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xed2cc6
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x41ff80
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xb0bfa7
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xc5265e
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xfb2c60
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xfb3462
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xfb4492
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x7676d9
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x769c84
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x6ba8ad
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xee3264
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xd6286a
  texmacs.bin : () + 0xd62b8d
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x286635
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x10ad423
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x11040ae
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x10eb760
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x11046c7
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x11047b4
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x10e9a1a
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x10ad5ab
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x25ede6
  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ : __libc_start_main() + 0xf3
  texmacs.bin : () + 0x284c0e

TeXmacs] std-error, Typesetting failure, resetting to empty document
TeXmacs] failed-error, Exception, unexpected situation

The file is indeed empty:

What’s the meaning of this error message, any idea ?

no idea. Can you reproduce the problem by converting again the .tex file. Or it has been a one-time situation?

Thanks @mgubi :+1:

Yep, exact same thing every time I load .tex and save it as .tm.

I manage to overcome this behavior by converting each individual .tex file (one for each chapter) in the .tm format and somehow the conversion works fine here.

I will try later to concatenate all the .tm files in the same document to see what’s happening.
Anyway I can edit my documents now :grin:

I’ve tried a minimal LaTeX file with some includes and that works, so it may be the combination of include with something in your files. Maybe you could try removing some of the includes in order to track down where the problem lies?

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Thanks @jeroen for the good advice, I’ll look at this by actually doing incremental file inclusions to track down the problematic file.

Yes, that’s a good idea. I guess there is some LaTeX construction whose conversion make the document invalid. Although is quite strange the editor works but not the save. Would be interesting to find a minimal (non-)working example.

I incurred in a similar error with version 2.1. Similar situation, importing a tex file, but no \include involved. After some experiments it seems that the issue was caused by a macro introduced in the preamble:


(the second one is the incriminated one).
I have not been able to figure out where this macro comes out of. The original tex file was composed with LyX (and this caused some additional pink text to show up in the tm file).

I can confirm this happens when importing a MWE of LyX’s tabularnewline from

I’ve reported it to Savannah