Struggling with TeXmacs on 4k screen under Linux

I’m using TeXmacs under recent Manjaro Linux with a 4k monitor.

I use scaling of UI elements of 1.25 in KDE systemsettings, but this gives blurry fonts like in this example.

As you see UI fonts are ok, like “Author data”, but the rest seems blurry.

If I change UI scaling to 1.0 everything looks crisp, but that is no good setting to work with the monitor. Any ideas?

Welcome, Ingolf! What version of TeXmacs are you using?

Have tried everything from 1.9.14 upwards. The picture is compiled from today’s git. The blurriness is the same for all of them.

Interestingly, I just gave it a long shot and tried slowphils Appimage from here and that is working. I guess there seems to be a problem with my system freetype library.

I’ve tried setting scaling to 125% on a 3200x1800 display, but I don’t see any blurring. This is on Fedora 33 with freetype 2.10.4.

What about setting the system scaling to 2.0 ? Does it improves the rendering?

No. Here is a side-by-side picture with the system Texmacs above and the AppImage version below. You have to open the image here to see, that the above image does raster the fonts poorly. On my screen you see it immediately.