Support apsrev4-1.bst?

Is it possible to make support to apsrev4-1.bst? This style has very useful feature. It is possible to combine multiple references into single number. It is realized by star operation: \cite{paper1,*paper2,*paper3}. Three papers will be collected in References under single number [1]. I’m not an user of scheme and can not realize by myself.

I see that nobody interesting this question. But, it is very important to use texmacs for writing scientific papers. I like interface of texmacs and wysiwyg approach for latex. Maybe it is possible to make something for automatic implementation of new latex style?

The feature is quite interesting. However you cannot expect people in this forum just to jump on the problem and solve it. Time and skill are required. My usual workflow is in TeXmacs for most of the time, but then I convert the file in LaTeX for the final touches, since anyway the editors (and places like arXiv) anyway need the original LaTeX source. This allows to work around some of the current limitations of TeXmacs and enjoy the freedom and beauty it offers.

You have also to realise that TeXmacs is very different from LateX, so no general automatic process is possible. (Much like it is not possible to have a general automatic process converting an idiomatic “C” program into an idiomatic “LISP” one).

This issue has been mentioned in and
As far as I know it may take time till it is set up (as also Massimiliano says) but it is in people’s minds.

It is my suggestion :). Let us wait for a while.

Thank you for reply. I realize that texmacs is different from latex. Texmacs uses scheme as internal language and one needs compiler to transform to latex. Let us wait for a while. I understand that this work needs to time.