Tetris in TeXmacs

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It could be interesting to port the Emacs version here:

to TeXmacs. Would be good to show the possibilities of the program.

Why not try @pireddag ? :slight_smile:

It is pretty nice. You may want to bind the h, j, k, l to the direction.

It is an attractive project but I’ll pass at least for the moment. At the moment I hope to be able to correct the dangerous “load” commands that I have in two of my Scheme files, when I have news on that I will post.

We may gather the TeXmacs-related repository under

Or put a link in (the github awesome convention):

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Thanks for that. Could you please explain briefly how the Scheme code is manipulating TeXmacs displays through this example? It seems better to point out the Scheme code which is controlling the TeXmacs displays, kinda TeXmacs APIs.