Texmacs crashes with macos 14.0

Hi, texmacs crashes after I upgraded my mac to macos 14.0. If I launch texmacs from terminal, I see some memory error as

2023-10-25 12:18:28.896 TeXmacs[7962:2685612] It’s not legal to call -layoutSubtreeIfNeeded on a view which is already being laid out. If you are implementing the view’s -layout method, you can call -[super layout] instead. Break on void _NSDetectedLayoutRecursion(void) to debug. This will be logged only once. This may break in the future.
TeXmacs] With linked TrueType support
TeXmacs(7962,0x700009ebc000) malloc: *** error for object 0x7f7aba060000: pointer being freed was not allocated
TeXmacs(7962,0x700009ebc000) malloc: *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
[1] 7962 abort /Applications/TeXmacs.app/Contents/MacOS/TeXmacs

Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Thanks.


This is a known problem (see https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?64774) . Emergency solution is to use Mogan, or try to compile TeXmacs with Qt 5. I think It is a problem with Qt4 using deprecated methods for the UI.


Hi mgubi,

Thank you for your suggestion. Mogan works.

I have the same problem

Yes, it is a known issue with Mac Intel, due to the last OS update. Sorry for that. We hope to solve this, but in the meanwhile you can try Mogan.

A mailing list user reported that Mogan is crashing for them, as far as I understand under MacOS 14.0.
I do not know if the crash depends on the issue that is described in this thread or not. They gave me the crash report, which is so large that does not fit inside a post “details” container. Perhaps someone, i.e. @darcy or @mgubi, is interested in seeing it? If so, I can tell the user to write you an email.

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I sometimes have the same problem with Mogan. I have found that opening Mogan in a terminal can help. The input to the terminal is: “open -a Mogan”.

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Please tell the user to write me an email. This is my email: shenda AT ustc.edu

In the whole Novemeber, I’m making release candidates for Mogan Research v1.2.0. Hope to fix the crash issue as soon as possible.