TeXmacs for e-teaching

This post serves as a collective post which summarizes techniques of using TeXmacs as a tool for e-teaching.

Here is a playlist of e-teaching examples.

In this post, I will raise some questions about using TeXmacs as an electronic blackboard to present solutions of a problem.

So first I hope that I can leave the problem always on TeXmacs and when presenting the solutions, the problem is always on the board. I don’t know how to do that properly (maybe two-column style works, but do you have better ideas)?

Second, I hope that I can fold/unfold detailed solutions conveniently. For the moment, I see that a “folded std” works, but not perfectly. I hope that I can do something like this:
unfolded: A A’ B B’ C C’
folded: A B C
The current “folded std” allow me to do a pair A A’, but not the structure above. I can, of course, break them into three folded std, but seemingly there are some difficulties to do this when it is nested in the lists.

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I collected some more videos here:

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Unfortunately I think this is not possible, would require some structuring tag which operate like a window (to have content scrolling inside). Maybe you can fake it by just having a sequence of slides and making some macro which repeat the content of a certain tag in the other places.