TeXmacs infinite loop crash

Im using texmacs on macOS Monterey. It was working fine but then it crashed once and after that it never opened again, crashing again and again. I tried to unistall it and install it again but I keep getting this error

Mac users mighy help you better, but please try to delete the user directory .texmacs, which is not overwritten by a reinstallation (on linux it is ~/.texmacs, if it is not that on MacOS hopefully someone will tell you where it is).

Be careful, deleting the ~/.TeXmacs folder also means you loose any customizations you may have made.

It’s probably another case of ~/.TeXmac s/system/interactive.scm being corrupted. It would be useful if you post that file somewhere.

The correct way to remove (rm) files and/or directories to diagnose is to move (mv -i), and it is in general better to keep a backup.

Yes, usually it is enough to move away that directory via

mv ~/.TeXmacs ~/dot-TeXmacs-dir-faulty

or the like.