TeXmacs Shortcut for Toggling Equation Numbering on MacOS

Dear friends,

I am encountering an issue with TeXmacs on my MacBook Air, specifically with the ⌃# shortcut used for toggling between numbered and unnumbered equations, as described in “The Jolly Writer” (Chapter 5). This key combination seems to conflict with a default macOS screenshot command (command + shift + 3). I have tried modifying my system shortcuts, but the issue remains unresolved. Could you kindly provide any suggestions or guidance to fix this?

Thank you for your support.

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If remapping the key combination assigned to (numbered-toggle (focus-tree))) did not work, it is still possible that a different key combination works, so you might try that.

On the other hand, the default mapping is

("structured:cmd #" (numbered-toggle (focus-tree)))

and structured:cmd on the mac corresponds to "A-" (see line 159 of texmacs/keyboard/prefix-kbd.scm). You may try that as well.

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Hi Pireddag,

Thanks for your help. I modify the mapping in



("#" (numbered-toggle (focus-tree)))


("C-#" (numbered-toggle (focus-tree)))

to make it work.

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It is best to put the modifications into one’s personal initialization file, my-init-texmacs.scm (in the local TeXmacs directory, pls. ask if you need help to find it). In this way they are preserved upon updates of the program.

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It is a solved problem in Mogan Research v1.2.x.


You may try Mogan Research v1.2.3-rc3 (just released). And I will release Mogan Research v1.2.3 before 2023/02/01.

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Hi Darcy,

Thank you Darcy.

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Hi Preddag,

Do you mean

Click Developer → Open my-init-texmacs.scm

and then copy

(“F1” (interactive docgrep-in-doc))
(“S-F1” (interactive docgrep-in-src)) ;; FIXME: S-F1 should be ‘What is This?’
;(“M-F1” (load-help-buffer “about/welcome/welcome”)) ; Conflict with devtools

(“C-#” (numbered-toggle (focus-tree)))


My my-init-texmacs.scm is empty.

Thank you.

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Yes, I mean that. Also you could try Mogan, or you could see how the code for that is organized in Mogan.

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Mogan Research v1.2.2 works fine too. Because I switched structured:cmd from Option to Ctrl.

Because structured:cmd # is option # which might not work properly on macOS.

But structured:cmd tab does not work in Mogan Research 1.2.2 because Option+Tab works fine on macOS but Ctrl+Tab does not work on macOS. I just solve the problem by adding A-S-up and A-S-down for structured variants circling. (Please wait Mogan Research v1.2.3, it would be the best TeXmacs distribution!)

See https://mogan.app/guide/Mogan_versus_TeXmacs.html#structured-variants-circling-since-v1-2-3

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I will discuss with Joris on the shortcuts changes I made in Mogan Research. It is necessary and there are little risks to change the shortcuts.

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