TeXmacs starts but don't show anything

I tried installing official TeXmacs and slowphil’s version on windows 10, but none of them seem to work.

when I start the program it shows as running on the task manager but it doesn’t open any window and can’t do anything, only close the program from the task manager.

Any ideas why this happens?
I installed on the same machine under ubuntu and it works but wanted to use it also on windows

You could try run texmacs from the command line (I am not familiar with Windows so I don’t know precisely how to do that) with the parameters like texmacs -d -V, then you could see the command line outputs to diagnose.

I tried it now and unfortunately on Windows there is no output to the command line (either with the command line or with Power shell), so it is not going to give the user any information.

If there is no idea on how to debug this malfunctioning here on the forum, one possibility is to contact directly Denis Raux, who is knowledgeable on the Windows port (contact information is public at https://www.texmacs.org/tmweb/contribute/team-denis.en.html).