Tooltip related

I noticed that there is a recent ‘tooltip’ implementation in Tooltip
which is wonderful. In particular the preview-ref build on top of tooltip package is so useful for me.

I have a question:

How do I get a reference of the tooltip that I created, then I can refresh the tooltip by applying a ‘refresh’ function on the reference, instead of delete and create. Because when one does delete-create all the time, the tooltip blinks. It might not be good for tasks which needs constant refreshing.

I looked at the code and did not figure it out. Perhaps @mgubi knows how to get the reference.

Sorry, could you explain how to use this implementation?

I think one has to rewrite show-tooltip to wrap the texmacs-output-widget in a refreshable widget. Refreshable widgets have a label, so then you can ask to refresh that particular widget using the label. I’m not sure the current code can allow the output-widget to be refreshed in some way. Maybe it could be helpful also to understand what you are trying to achieve, i.e. in which situation you need to modify the content of the output-widget.

Another possibility is to modify the texmacs tree inside the output widget, it should be reachable via general mechanisms to navigate the tree of all documents in TeXmacs. Possibly then the output-widget detects changes and refresh automatically.