Tricks for drafts

Hi, all, I wonder whether there are suggestions for draft writing. For the moment, I wonder how to achieve the following goals properly:

  1. Drop several paragraphs without actually deleting them. That is to say, when I print, or export the (non-draft) PDF, they will disappear, but I want them shown in TeXmacs, for sake of possible later usages. Now I am using “framed titled” to frame the dropped paragraphs.
  2. Marginal notes for drafts only, which does not show up in the exported (non-draft) PDF.

For 2., there is a marginal-note command that can create marginal notes (Insert->Note->Marginal note). You can only access this from the menu if you swith to “Detailed menus” in Preferences. The marginal notes are also not always visible. You can set “Same screen margins as on paper” on the “Margins” tab of Document -> Page to show them.

For 1. I guess you could define a new macro to alter the rendering of parts of the text and then redefine the macro to output nothing once you are finished drafting.

Thanks for all these replies. I wonder whether I can choose to not show the marginal notes in the exported PDF?

I don’t really know how to prevent marginal notes from showing up in a pdf.

Another option you could try is to use a flag, with the <flag|content|colour> syntax, e.g. <flag|todo|red>. These are hidden in the pdf, but can be shown on screen by going to “Document->Informative flags” and selecting “Detailed”. They can’t really hold much text, though.

If I understand correctly, I need to implement todo-edit.scm like edu-edit.scm which performs folding/unfolding recursively. I will have a try if I have time.