Turkish Language

I created “hypen-turkish” file and putted it in “user\AppData\Roaming\TeXmacs\langs\natural\hyphen” folder. But can’t see turkish in document language list of texmacs interface. How can add Turkish as a new document language? Is it possible?

Hi @eyk, welcome to the forum!

I am not sure, but looking at the source code I see at least three points of interest.

First, there’s supported-languages in TeXmacs/progs/kernel/texmacs/tm-modes.scm. This Scheme routine should be easy to extend and is what the interface menu seems to be calling.

Furthermore, I believe you will need to add the language to in the c++ routine text_language in src/System/Language/text_language.cpp. For this to work, you will need to recompile TeXmacs. Let us know if you need help with that.

Finally, there’s get_supported_languages in src/System/Language/text_language.cpp. This C++ routine only seems to be used on Mac to do spell checking, so I think you can leave it for now.

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I made a mistake and tried to remove a language:

It should be informative for you to create a pull request to add support for the Turkish language.