Typesetting restriction of functions to sets

Is there a way to typeset restrictions of functions to a set (usually denoted by a large vertical bar that goes below the baseline)? In LaTeX it is \restriction from package \usepackage{amssymb} . The TeXmacs importer leaves it as an unknown macro.

The \restriction from amssymb gives me a upwards harpoon symbol. Is that the one you are looking for? You could use Unicode 21BE by doing ^q#21BE.

You can apparently also do /- Tab Tab Tab.

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I use the following for restrictions: type “|” to start a bracking environment, then type the content, and then erase the first vertical bar. This give a vertical bar which automatically resize to the content and usually slightly taller. I use the same for fixing the extrema in the result of integrals or when computing derivatives.

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