Unhiding tags using keyboard

I am struggling a bit with tag editing. Is there a shortcut to “open” or to “unhide” tags

I have discovered the tag help-baloon that is very useful for annotating steps in a long chain of computations. For example:


To do make this happen I do the following:

I start with my un-annotated inequality:


I select the sign to annotate


I type \help-balloon

and press ````` to obtain:

Moving the cursor I can then enter the annotation

A final press of <ret> closes the tag. Now on mouseover I get:


that is megacool.

But suppose now I want to edit the annotation. Is there a way to “unhide” the tag and return to this state:

For some tags backspacing does just that, but not for all of them and, specifically, not for this one.

The only way I could find to do this is by using the mouse and right-clicking


This gives

as I wanted.

What would be a keyboard-based way to do this? Thanks!

Some hints: if you look around in the forum keybinding are treated in various points, you just need to determine which is the scheme command which perform unhiding. For this is is enough to search a bit among the scheme files for the string “Show hidden”, this will probably bring you to the scheme code which define the popup menu which you are using, and there you will see how the result is achieved. HTH