Using the TeX font MLModern

I’m trying to follow the instructions here to use the MLModern font on OS X. I can find the *.pfb and *.tfm files. However, there doesn’t seem to be a tfm folder, as instructed on the website. I inferred that it should be the type1 folder, since other *.tfm files are put there.

There are two locations, the ~/.TeXmacs/fonts/ folder and the [App]/Contents/Resources/share/TeXmacs/fonts/ folder. I have tried both, but neither works. TeXmacs doesn’t recognize the font. texmacs --delete-font-cache & starts up the program, but it doesn’t load the font.

Is it true that MLModern is one of the not-supported fonts, as mentioned on the website, or am I reading something wrong?

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As far as I know, TeXmacs doesn’t support MLModern yet. I hope others can help.

@mgubi planned to work on better font support, and @darcy is also working toward the same goal on the Mogan distribution. We might wait a bit.

There is no particular reason it cannot work, but indeed the old Type1 fonts from TeX might require some weaking and a bit of hacking. I do not have a ready solution but if I find some time I might be able to give a look.

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Hopefully, adding fonts by users will be available in Mogan Editor 1.1.3.

Mogan Editor 1.1.3 will focus on making things pluggable.

There will be a plugin center:

For MLModern font, in Mogan Editor 1.1.3, one could install the MLModern plugin via:

tmg install mlmodern

I have tried to work a bit on better math unicode support (you find a branch in my gut hub repository). I’ve not completed it but I would be glad to take back the work if somebody would like to help. This would allow to use many more fonts for math with proper spacings and bracketing.