Vim style shortcuts

Maybe it is too much to ask from a software motivated by Emacs, but is there a possibility that people develop a vim style shortcuts for Texmacs?

Myself is an Emacs user, but I use evil-mode for almost everything. I am not a fun of Emacs style shortcut. It would be fantastic to have similar things as evil-mode.

+1 for modal editing even if I’m not sure of the real feasibility of this kind of request
The core dev will answer quickly on the feasibility or not.

I suppose that vim shortcut will make copying and pasting formulas a lot faster which I rely a lot.

There has been a brief discussion on this last April on the TeXmacs mailing list, here is the link to the initial message of the thread:

Could TeXmacs support the different states involved in modal editing like the ones found in vim ?
In vi/vim two primary modes are found:

1. insert mode: where you can type text into the editor and it is committed to the document.
2. normal mode: where you can enter arguments via the keyboard that execute a variety of actions like moving the cursor around the document, searching and manipulating the text in the document (cutting, pasting).

I had a look at prefix-kbd.scm. I do not think that prefix-kbd.scm itself is easy or enough as claimed in the thread.

For example, we want moving cursor uing h,j,k,l. In normal state, you have to inhibit everything other than these four keys. Actually, by default, h,j,k,l does the same in every profile which is inserting the letters. This means you have to change the behavior of h,j,k,l in other Scheme source files.