Weird bug with Answers only/Question only


I’ve created some documents for my students with a list of Questions/Answers to help them focus…

For those of them who do not have access to a computer (but only a phone or an ipad) I wish to export to pdf the list of questions and separately the list of answers.

There is one file for which a question and an exercise do not get properly unfolded with the Answers only option from the menu. I tried to look at the source file to find if the file is somewhat defective in its structure but couldn’t find any explanation.

I even tried Mogan to check if there is any difference, but there is none, except that the accents in the French keywords with mogan are wrong (problem with encoding obviously) so that didn’t help.

I can’t join a .tm file here, but you can download it from this url : if you’re willing to have a look.



I have not read this carefully, but the Answer to the question

Soit f un endomorphisme de E un 𝕂-espace vectoriel de dimension finie. Enoncer des conditions nécessaires et suffisantes à ce que f soit diagonalisable

is ill-formed: the paragraph

ATTENTION : Le fait que χ_f soit scindé à racines simples donne une condition suffisante à ce que f soit diagonalisable, mais en aucun cas nécessaire.

lives outside the answer part. I guess that this is the reason for failure of unfolding. I move it into the answer part, and then it unfolds correctly.

By the way, this sort of warnings could be put into environments:

  Le fait que <math|\<chi\><rsub|f>> soit scindé à racines simples donne une
  condition suffisante à ce que <math|f> soit diagonalisable, mais en aucun
  cas nécessaire.
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Thank you very much ! The same applies for the last exercise which didn’t unfold properly as well using the menus, as some part of the folded part was below the solution of the exercise itself.

It did unfold properly using the mouse, but not automatically, which makes sense I guess.

Problem solved !