What is the shortcut for bolding text?

Sorry, I tried going through different documentations, but just could not find this bit of info.

Also, a cheatsheet of keyboard shortcuts would be very, very useful thing to have.

Allright, already now found out. It is F6. :slight_smile:

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You are right, I can’t find this in the docs either.
Note that F6 is actually a shortcut for strong, which in many styles coincides with bold, but not necessarily (e.g. some beamer styles may also give a colour to strong text). The shortcut for “bold” on my platform is Ctrl-B, but strong is in many cases the better option, as it has more meaning and allows you to change the style later on.

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Thanks! On my mac bold it is accordingly Command+b, and indeed that is the command I was looking for, thank you! I did not realize there was a difference between “strong” and “bold”. :slight_smile:

Note that shortcuts appear both in menus items (when appropriate) or in hints when you hover with the mouse over some button in the toolbars. “bold” is a variant of a font, while “strong” is a tag for a piece of document which you want to emphasise. Usually a “strong” region is typeset using the “bold” variant of a font. But this is up to the designed. In a well crafted document you leave the design choice to the macro and only insert tags to record different meanings of certain parts of your document (think about HTML vs CSS).

BTW, why does TeXmacs use function keys in shortcuts by default? They are not easy to remember and are not easy to type on some keyboards.

Joris’ keyboard has function keys. :slight_smile:

Right! I somehow did not notice the icons in the toolbar for “emphasize”, “strong” etc. Keyboard shortcuts for those are shown on hover. But embold shortcut is not visible in the menu at least for me?

I am also interested if there is some scheme file (or some other format) where all keybindings are listed so that they can be changed per user preference?

I don’t think the use of function keys in shortcuts should be a default. It doesn’t give a good impression even if you have a keyboard where typing them is easy.

There is no single file, since some keybindings depends on the mode and also on the tag your cursor is in. You can perform a textual search for kbd-map in all *.scm files in $TEXMACS_PATH/progs to find all the defined keybindings. For example look at $TEXMACS_PATH/progs//text/text-kbd.scm to see some keybindings for the text mode.