What resources about cutomizing and programming TeXmacs do you recommend?

It seems to me that TeXmacs has a bit weaker documentation. I find it hard to get into. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks.

The Jolly Writer seems the only resource for this purpose. Unfortunately, it is not on sale for now.

I agree that the documentation of TeXmacs could/should be better.
This said, for the Scheme part there is the Scheme developer manual at https://www.texmacs.org/tmweb/documents/manuals/texmacs-scheme.en.pdf, which is helpful. I have been given a few more suggestions in several messages of the mailing list by Max Gubinelli (@mgubi) and Joris van der Hoeven (@vdhoeven), if I find them I will post links.
For the macros on the other hand I also like @xuyiqi1 know only of The Jolly Writer (the manual I think leaves aside important information).

Thanks for the replies. I read some of the scheme manual, but many parts of it are missing. I couldn’t find the The Jolly book anywhere.

Do we know why the book is unavailable?

I don’t know why, sorry.


@wosined, have you tried this address?

Yes, thanks. I found that too, but they say that the sales are suspended until further notice.

As far as I undestand the current printed batch has been sold and the publisher has not issued another batch. I guess on the short time we should do without. My usual source of information is by looking at the code itself and try out modifications. Especially at the macro level this is quite helpful. The macros in the style files are quite complex because they need to take into account various different situations, but you can look at them to undestand how to chain various commands or have some effects and then try to write your own. You can also look in tm-forge for some inspiration, and also in tm-notes there are few articles about macros. For programming just spend some time skimming over the scheme code and trying to get a feeling of the style and design of the various parts. For example you can ask yourself how the scheme code produces the bibliography, or where is and how does it work the scheme code which translate the TeXmacs file into HTML, this will give you a feeling of various complex parts of the program.