Would an emacs-like "org-mode" be a killer app for TeXmacs?

Anyone use “org-mode” in emacs? Do you think it would be better in TeXmacs? Would you use it over the one in emacs?

Every texmacs document is already as structured as an org file. However, the folding and navigation functionality between headlines (in texmacs case, \section, \subsection and the like) similar to orgmode would be very nice.

I’ve dreamed about this for a long time !
TeXmacs could be THE best WYSISWG replacement of org-mode and/or Jupyter notebooks.
So here we go :

  • Spreadsheets capabilities
  • Task manager: Todos, Checklists, clocking
  • Agenda views
  • Tags headers, files, etc
  • Capture things on the web, on the fly
  • Babel: more languages are supported in org-mode
  • LSP: Language Server Protocol client for code completion
  • Import/Export capabilities: more formats are supported from document editing (for ex markdown via pandoc), jupyter notebook (ox-ipynb, ein, …), to blogging (Hugo, …)

Not org-mode related but splitting windows, tabs for document switching, integrated terminals also help for the smoothness of the workflow.



I totally agree. Related to your “multiple tabs” or “multiple windows” idea I recently posted Multiple windows for the same file - General - GNU TeXmacs Forum. It works but is a bit clunky.

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org-mode format can be one of the serialization format.

And it can be done via the TeXmacs plugin mechanism.