Accents problem

It seems that Texmacs fixed the accent problem while exporting to latex. I could not recall when did I have this issue. I think it was at least two years ago.

French mathematician H. Poincaré is known world-wide. To typeset his name, you have to use Poincar{\'e} in latex. I have used global replacement via editors after exporting.

Motivated by an answer by @sadhen in my post on Chinese texts in Scheme, I switch now to the following code which I post here and hope it would be helpful to many.

(kbd-map (:mode in-text?)
    ;; latex: Poincar{\'e}, Poincaré
    ("p o i n c a r e" "Poincar<#00E9>")    

    ;; latex: Monge-Amp{\`e}re, Monge-Ampère
    ("m o n g e - a m p e r e" "Monge-Amp<#00E8>re")

    ;; latex:  H{\"o}lder, Hölder
    ("h o l d e r" "H<#00f6>lder") 

    ;;latex: {\v C}ech, Čech
    ("c e c h" "<#010C>ech")) 

The character sequence in <> is called cork-encoding (heard from Shen’s post). For a complete list of these troublesome characters, you can refer to wiki on Cork encoding and