Bib auto-completition not working

I upgrade my TeXmacs (on two Windows machines) to version 1.99.12.

I think the completion by a tab key in the cite and cite-detail stopped working. Actually, it may stopped working already on some previous versions, but I am not completely sure of this.

I also tested under Arch-linux (simulated using WSL). It also does not work properly.

I am checking the code to see where it is wrong.

I have tested the following code according to the call of the completion:

(define u (current-bib-file #t)) ; <url /mnt/c/***/***/data>, without bib suffix
(url-last-modified u)  ;  this returns a negative number -2147483647
(url-last-modified (url-glue u ".bib")) ; return correctly

When I changed (url-last-modified u) to (url-last-modified (url-glue u ".bib")), the cite completion still fails.