Building Natively on M1 with macOS Monterey

Hi all,

I made the M1 build to work on macOS Monterey.

You just need to install the M1 Home-brew /opt/homebrew, install the required packages, and use my fork here:

Please use brew to install `guile@1.8 using the texmacs/homebrew repo.

Also, brew unlink qt && brew link qt@5
I don’t have time to clean up so the patch is a bit messy.
Also it appears that Qt5 have a bug that causes the whole interface to scale 2x, which can be solved by
turning off ("retina-icons" "off") in ~/.TeXmacs/system/preferences.scm

I have verified that Maxima works natively, just install maxima using brew.

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I suggest you post this nice piece of news on the mailing list as well.