Compiling TeXmacs with Guile3 and Qt5 on Ubuntu 22 guide

I had trouble compiling the sources. I made a guide on how to do this on Ubuntu 22 with Guile 3 and Qt5.


Many thanks for your contribution! Just wondering, is qt5 not available from the Ubuntu repositories?

It is, but there are multiple packages and I don’t know which one you need neither was I able to find any information on this. There was a qtbase5-default package once afaik, but it was removed and now there are multiple packages that hold different components. However, it might be possible to use the Ubuntu repo packages if one figures out which ones should be installed, however, on Ubuntu 22 I get dependency errors when trying to install qtbase5-dev using apt, but maybe this is specific to my system.

Yes, I believe qtbase5-dev is the right package. From my notes for Debian, I have the following

apt install cmake git g++
apt install qtbase5-dev libqt5svg5-dev libfreetype-dev libsqlite-dev libjpeg-dev
apt install libgmp-dev libltdl-dev

It would be useful to try on a completely clean virtual Ubuntu installation, to make sure you don’t miss any build requirements and that the procedure is reproducible.

I’ll test it using a clean Ubuntu and report back.

I closed the previous pull request and made a new one.
This one should mention all the dependencies and does not use the Qt web installer. I managed to use your list of packages in a VM and they work. I tested the compilation in a VM and it works fine. Have to check my system later.

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Nice work! I’ve merged your notes.

And here is the Guile 3 branch on GNU TeXmacs 2.1:

If you are interested on improving the Guile 3 branch, you can start from rebasing it on GNU TeXmacs 2.1.2.

A compiling guide is good. It would be better to have a github CI on the Guile 3 branch.

I can’t find them on the blog. I don’t see the link on main under “Developers’ notes”; I copy-pasted docs/compiling-texmacs-with-guile-3-and-qt-5-on-ubuntu-22.html and that leads to a “404 not found” error message.
I do see them in

Let us fix it. My idea is that do not fear on those minor issues.

Writing a post should be encouraged. And reviewers should be strict on the post itself, but not on the pull request.

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What are the possible causes of the files being in the repository but not appearing in the website?

I see it. To me seems ok. maybe you didn’t refreshed your browser’s copy?

The “Emtpy cache and hard reload” command lon Chrome leaves as before (no post on compilation with Guile 3) gives a 404 error.

I have tried with other browsers too, which I think I never visited the blog with, and I get the same answer.

Could you please post the address of the blog post? Perhaps I am deriving it wrong from the repository.

On GitHub it works:

Thanks, I was confused, I thought that the site is served at, while it is served at

I did not realize that gitee copies the content from github