Experimental style rewriting code (possibly outdated)

A bunch of code evaluating style is found in texmacs.This evaluator locates at src/Style directory in github repo, differs from current one in src/Typeset. Defining an EXPERIMENTAL environmental variable during building can enable these codes. However, this part seems to be unmaintained and throws several errors, such as the symbol arg_type is missing. After some tweaking, I managed to make this part work, and it turned out to be able to render some simple documents. But local
documents cannot be loaded by this evaluator.

Could someone tell me how to deal with this part? This part can be found here

In Mogan, source code under src/Style is excluded in the xmake build definition.

Just like what I have done for other components, I tend to remove the unmaintained code or the code I do not want to maintain. Like, for Mogan, we switched to xmake, and I removed the cmake support. CMake support is good. But I do not want to maintain it. If someone else claims that he need cmake support, he should maintain the cmake port by himself.

That’s the rule of Mogan. Quality is more important for choices in the main development branch.