[FIXED] The ... problem for the unified Graph plugin

Just implemented a basic tikz plugin in the unified Graph plugin.

I noticed that:

\foreach \x in {0,...,9} 
  \draw (\x,0) circle (0.4);

will be transformed to:

\foreach \x in {0,…,9} 
  \draw (\x,0) circle (0.4);

For dot:

dot]  …
Error: <stdin>: syntax error in line 1 near '…'

We may change the behavior of verbatim.

Yes, I confirm that indeed there is a problem with the input. I’m not even sure why…

I submitted a fix for this (svn r11813). Please check that it works for you.

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Thanks, I apply the same patch for the Python and Scala plugin.


My Scala plugin finally supports magic import — a killing feature for REPL. Just import a dependency with one line in the REPL, no need to pip install xxx like python.

This is a demo:

import $ivy.`org.json4s::json4s-jackson:3.6.2`
import org.json4s._
import org.json4s.JsonDSL._

implicit val formats = DefaultFormats

case class Person(name: String, age: Option[Int])
val joe = ("name" -> "joe") ~ ("age" -> Some(35))
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