Getting Guile 1.8.8 using the GNU Guix package manager

You can get the guile 1.8.8 binary, using the GNU Guix package manager. To install this package manager on popular distros (such as debian) use the distro’s package manager.

For example on debian based distros you install it using the command:
sudo apt install guix

The GNU Guix package manager does not interfere with the host package manager. It installs binaries/libraries/etc. in separate folders.

It takes a while to install Gnu Guix and you have to edit your .bash_profile to add the binaries to your path. Here is a tutorial by the System Crafters guy.

After the guix command is installed, you can run:
guix install guile@1.8.8

I tested this on Ubuntu 22.10.

Hope it helps.

EDIT: Some extra steps are neccessary to setup guix, see the linked video.

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GNU also has mirrors with all the guile source files. Such as this one:

Mogan v1.1.1 could be installed via GNU Guix.


It seems that extra steps are necessary. One has to run guix pull, and also the things mentioned in

This should be explained in the video I linked.

The video does not seem to install guix via apt. The version in apt does not have mogan, at least under Debian Bullseye.

Worked on my machine with Ubuntu 21. Guix is rolling release afaik. You should always have the latest packages available on any machine after you update guix.