How do I change the starting number of a list?

I have tried using the buttons of Preference and Rendering options for tag, setting the last-item-nr in the enumerate numeric, but nothing happens. I managed to change the number of a single item, using the same Rendering options, but the next one starts at 1.

Since I’m already asking, what do the “Preference for tag” buttons do? They appear not to change the document source and they have no visible effect.

One way:


inside the enumerate environment, before the first item.

I did not understand your question on the “Preference for tag” buttons. In the TeXmacs I have installed, this is a menu, not buttons.

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It works. Where should have I learned about this in the documentation? The help material on lists wasn’t helpful.

Yes, I meant that all the options in the menu appear to do nothing.

I do not know :slight_smile:

I think the low discoverability of TeXmacs is one of its weak points, and its help can be improved. My knowledge of TeXmacs is too “scattered” to make a systematic contribution there, I might try and add something to the help files here and there.

In this case of the enumerate environment though I do not know how the writer of this software (I think it was Joris van der Hoeven) intends it to work, so I feel I cannot improve the documentation.

I think this is a bug. To me last-item-nr should reset the counter to this item, but it does not work. I do not see other uses of that option. Possibly the macro broke at some point. It should be reported in the bug tracker.

@LoETR9 do you want to do it? Otherwise I can do it.

Also, the manual of TeXmacs and developer guide are out-dated.

I’m not a native English speaker, but shouldn’t latest (meaning the most recent) be used instead of last (the end of it)?

previous-item-nr or first-item-number (with change in the functionality) would be even better, wouldn’t it?

I’ve never used the bug tracker, do I have to create an account on Savannah?
Anyhow, I won’t create a bug report earlier than Tuesday, so if you want you can go ahead.

Yes. If I report the bug on Savannah, I will say here that i have done it.

The current behavior is the following: if you use the environment enumerate, it will invoke the macro list which resets last-item-nr to be zero. To avoid resetting last-time-nr, one should use enumerate-continued environment instead (I saw that Joris mentioned this in a mailing list before).

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I am not sure your motivation. If you want to continue a previous enumeration, you could use enumerate-continued. Example:

We have




and also


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In this case one needs to insert items by hand. Perhaps one can follow a procedure analogous to the one of to add a menu item and automation to enumerate-continued (it looks sensible, I did not try it).

On a different side of the issue, one perhaps can try and improve the documentation. I might try it.

Thank you for the suggestion, but in this case I wanted to write alternatives to steps already present in the previous list, so I have something like 1 2 3A 4A 5B and after 3B 4B 5B.

I guess then it will be better just to write custom item and not an enumeration.

This seems to be a real bug. Right now, I have no time to search or submit a bug report. It might also be better if somebody submits a PR for that.