How to change the syntax highlighting

The syntax files are located in /usr/share/TeXmacs/progs/prog/. I copied these files into ~/.TeXmacs/progs/prog/ and made changes to one of the syntax files. The changes are not reflected. However, if I edit the files directly in /usr/share/TeXmacs/progs/prog/, they changes are reflected. Are syntax files not supposed to be user editable?

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Scheme files in .TeXmacs are not automatically loaded. You would have to make a plugin and put it in .TeXmacs/plugins. There are examples of that in the documentation.

Depending on what you want, it may be a lot easier though. I believe the colour scheme at least can be user-defined.

Hum, actually, from reading other comments on here recently, I realized that this should actually work. I believe you are also on Linux, right? This looks like a bug.

Yes, I’m running Linux.

Oddly I can get this to work for the bibtex subfolder, but not for prog or graphics.

It could be a bug in the way the files are searched, I know that Joris wanted to have all the files customizable, but if the file is referenced not in the “right” way, it could be that TeXmacs does not look for it in TEXMACS_HOME_PATH.

I just checked and it should work, I do not understand why it doesn’t. @hamorabi what exactly you did? I would like to replicate your bug. Which file you modified? and where you placed it inside .TeXmacs ?

I have tried to

  1. Copy the files graphics-drd.scm and graphics-menu.scm to ~/.TeXmacs/progs/graphics/graphics-drd.scm and ~/.TeXmacs/progs/graphics/graphics-menu.scm resp. and edit them to according to Why not draw circle by center and radius?
  2. Copy the file fortran-edit.scm to ~/.TeXmacs/progs/prog/fortran-edit.scm and edit the highlighting colours in the last lines of the file
  3. Create a custom bibtex style in .TeXmacs/progs/bibtex/example.scm

Only the bibtex style worked.

Does item 2 correspond to what you did @hamorabi?