How to lunch sympy from a conda environment?

I want to use the sympy plugin but my sympy packages are installed inside a conda environment. How do I point the sympy plugin inside texmacs to the conda environment with sympy?

As a follow-up question, why does Python behave differently in the Sympy plugin compared to the Python plugin.

This is the Python plugin. You can see that syntax highlighting is enabled, but pretty_printing() is not.

This is the Sympy plugin. pretty_printing() is enabled, but syntax highlighting is not as well as functions now return None.

Currently, there are two separate entry for Python session and Sympy session:

We will unify it in one entry later.

Thanks for the reply. But is there a way to select a conda environment from within texmacs?

You can redefine the function (python-command) to what you need in your my-init-texmacs.scm.

Here is my impl:

I think pyenv is a better approach:

pyenv is built-in in Mogan Editor.

I’m considering merging the pyenv/conda support for the future python plugin. Just wait me or make your hands dirty.