How to write torsors?

I am a beginner in TeXmacs and before I used simple LateX. In my studies I need to write torsors and I don’t know how I can write big brackets with hook, like this {} but as a matrix.
In simple LateX is \Bmatrix but it doesn’t not work.
Do you have a solution?
(Sorry for my approximativ English I’m French, and my english is beginner)

Hello @Lisa and welcome!

You can get something like this by inserting a tabular inside curly brackets {}

\Bmatrix is not available in GNU TeXmacs. Instead, you can use \bmatrix.

I made in Video of how to insert Matrix in Chinese (Because there are visualization of keyboards, I think you can just mute it and watch it):

These give different results. Bmatrix uses curly brackets whereas bmatrix uses square brackets.

One can also adapt the definition of bmatrix to use curly brackets:

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Thank you for your solutions, I think that I will used jeroen’s solution because the visual rendering is not the same with tabular

I think that it is reasonable to have built-in macro which takes the left delimiter and the right delimiter, then produces a matrix-like tabular, with a default keybinding / menu option.

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I learn about this before, but I have forgot the difference between Bmatrix and bmatrix.

And my video about How to insert Matrix should be corrected.

And we have added support for Bmatrix, see

Please wait for the next release of GNU TeXmacs.

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Is it going to be shown in the menu? Maybe also the key shortcut Alt-T + Tabs?