HTML export is leaving out section titles in command line

I notice that when I try to export tm documents in command line using the command option “texmacs -c test.html -q”, it will strip all the section title compared to the export button in menu bar. TeXmacs version is 1.99.12.

Thanks, maybe you would like to file a bug report. In the meanwhile you could try also to do it differently. By calling the scheme command which corresponds to the menu button instead of using the above command line. Something like

texmacs -x "(tmweb-convert-file \"\" \"outputfile.html\")" -q

Thanks. Interesting. It would make a good workaround for me. I suspect the root cause is the same as my previous attempt at a simple HTML-based converter, where I try to add a few lines of metadata at the beginning of the HTML for Hugo blogging purposes. The output of the converter does not have section title either.

I will file a bug report later.

It would be interesting to have a test file to use for reproducing the bug. Also you can use the scheme command tmweb-convert-dir to convert entire directory. It is useful if you are building a web site.

I believe a simple file with title and some section should do the job. I will add it later in the bug tracker system.

Actually, previously I have tweaked that function to achieve adding addition metadata to the exported HTML files, which works sometimes…