Integrate Mathics 'MakeBoxes' layout into TeXmacs as a plugin

I would like to be able to load a Mathics notebook into TeXmacs and work with its native ‘MakeBoxes’ layout format natively from within TeXmacs instead of having to convert it to HTML/CSS or LaTeX first.

Is anyone interested in developing a plugin to achieve this level of integration?

The end goal is to use TeXmacs as a (hopefully much better) front-end for Mathics, which provides a very feature rich open-srouce implementation of the Wolfram Mathematica kernel in Python:

Developer’s Guide to Mathics Development

For people who are interested in python implemented plugins:

I have migrated the plugins development to Github.

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I’m not a user of Mathics but it seems an interesting use-case. Plugins are not difficult to develop, especially because you can code them in the client language, in this case Mathics/Python and inject in TeXmacs any markup you want to render. You can give a look at the Mathematica plugin to have an idea and ask here questions, I would be glad to help.

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