Lolly v1.0.0: The C++ standard library for GNU TeXmacs and Mogan Editor

Happy to announce the release of Lolly v1.0.0:

If you are interested in becoming a Mogan Developer or GNU TeXmacs developer, lolly would be the best start point.


Hello, I have been using TeXmacs for a while, but I am new to the community. I would appreciate it if you could explain how this library is intended to be used. Can it, for instance, generate a PDF file from a .tm file?

I am currently interested in adding native support for commutative diagrams in TeXmacs. My goal is to be able to draw commutative diagrams without relying on external programs, and represent them as trees similar to tables and equation arrays. I would like to know how Lolly can be used to accomplish this. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I have looked at the repository and found that it is currently focused on providing a standard library. I am curious if there are any plans to separate the typesetting aspect from TeXmacs.

btw, I am interested in learning more about the name “lolly.”

Yes. Separate the standard library which GNU TeXmacs is using is the first step. It is much easier than separating the typesetting aspect from TeXmacs.

Let us complete the easy part first and then the hard part.

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That sounds like a great idea! Taking the time to gradually add documentation to the C++ part of TeXmacs will make it easier for others to contribute.

Separating the standard library is an awesome step to begin with.

For lolly 1.1.0, we are trying to migrate the following code from TeXmacs to lolly:

  • tree (without tree label)
  • url
  • vector
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