Developers' News: Lolly and Moebius

Moebius: the L2 Kernel


Moebius is under heavy development now.

  • TODO: plugin center impl based on Moebius
  • TODO: Markdown conversion based Moebius
  • TODO: HTML conversion based on Moebius
  • TODO: LaTeX conversion based on Moebius
  • TODO: Moebius binary as a scheme interpreter with basic glue routines (eg. stree->tree)
  • TODO: How to integrate the Scheme Engine and expose C++ data types and routines to Scheme
  • DONE: TeXmacs DRDs/Trees

Lolly: the L1 Kernel


Lolly aims to be the cross platform standard library adopted by TeXmacs and TeXmacs derivatives. It is in a stable status now.

  • Core C++ collections: list/array/hashmap/hashset
  • Other Data Structure: tree, url
  • Network Access/Filesystems

Compared to the standard library of programming languages like Java/Scala, the C++ collections still need to be improved.

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