Maxima graphs imported

I have reviewed the use of maxima package called descriptive from a Texmacs session.
The graphic outputs are created through a two steps procedure
first a descriptive element is prepared (histogram description) and then a function
wxhistogram:=wxdraw2d(apply(histogram_description, desc)) is created.

I have created the equivalent functions tm_histogram:=tm_draw2d(apply(histogram_description, desc)) in descriptive, but when this function is invoked we get
Maxima encountered a Lisp error:
:UTF-8 stream decoding error on
#<SB-SYS:FD-STREAM for “file C:\Users\Pedro\AppData\Local\Temp\tm_temp_plot_21676_1253.eps” {1009BFB1D3}>:
the octet sequence #(215 49) cannot be decoded.

However the eps file is correctly created and it can be inserted but texmacs fails to insert.
I would appreciate any help



Hi @Pdiazs, I do not know how plugins communicate with TeXmacs, but could it be that the code for the function tm_plot2d might help you?
A start for investigating might be this 2018 post on Maxima-discuss: