Meta Key problem 'windows Operating system "

I have problem with meta key shortcut. It does not work at all. I have searched more over 5 days about how to remap it, but no result till now. Please contact me as fast as you can if you can help me. i’m working on a project and this is a serious issue to me.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Omar_Mohamed_Aero and welcome to the forum.

Please try the esc key as “meta” on Windows. When a shortcut is composed with the “esc” meta key, you have to use the esc key first, and then the rest of the key combination, so not the esc key at the same time as the other keys.

These are your things, nevertheless I am going to give you my opinion: if you look for help by volunteers on the Internet, you are running the risk of not receiving the help.

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Here is another solution:

I’ve solved this problem in Mogan (the distribution of GNU TeXmacs):

And recently, I’m contributing back my work to GNU TeXmacs. Hopefully, it will be available for GNU TeXmacs 2.1.3.