Module documentation

I am trying to modify a vim plugin created by susoren. Thus, I need more information about the lambdas such as \texttt{kbd-up}.

I saw from \texttt{Developer} \rightarrow \texttt{Browse Module Documentations} that these \texttt{kbd-?} are defined in \texttt{generic.generic.edit} module but I cannot find further information such as where the module is located.

I also want to check the shortcut source code in the emacs-like keybinding (such as \texttt{Ctrl+K}, which can be used inside \texttt{dd} in vim) and I don’t know where to find them.


I found a way to see the source code. Do \texttt{Help} \rightarrow \texttt{Search} \rightarrow \texttt{Source Code} and type the name of the definition you found in the module documentation.

This is one way. The other is to navigate the sources with a programming editor (I use VSCode, but Emacs is ok too), you find the programs in $TEXMACS_PATH/progs. Sometimes it is more efficient just to search that folder with your own developing tools, instead that in TeXmacs.

It works in GNU TeXmacs, and it might not work in Mogan Research. Because the S7 Scheme migration is not completed yet. The S7 Scheme migration is almost completed for normal users but not for developers.

I didn’t see this option on MGresearch 1.2.0

Just removed it because it is broken and we have not fixed it.